Remember when you were in high school, and the “cool” kids were always making fun of the kids who had braces? Remember when everyone thought braces were awkward and childish? If you do remember all that, first of all, congratulations on reaching old age! Secondly, how about we tell you that these days, braces are the opposite of awkward and ‘uncool’?


Well, due to modern technology, braces now consist of fun band colors, creative hashtags, and all sorts of dynamic designs. They almost look nothing like the bland, mechanical contraptions of yesteryears.


Whether you are an adult or a kid and desire to, or rather, have to wear braces in the near future, here’s what you need to know about them:


They Improve More Than Just The Smile


While they’re primarily for straightening the teeth, modern braces correct teeth and jaw alignment issues, and also improve the bite.


Get Your Dentals Sorted First


If you have pending teeth cleaning, or any other dental treatment, it is advisable to first have it done before getting braced up. This is because some dental treatments, such as removal of wisdom teeth, are known to interfere with orthodontic treatments.


Adjust Your Diet Accordingly


A few months before you get your braces, you need to considerably limit, or completely stop consumption of certain “high-risk” foods such as sugary and sticky foods like gummy bears. Particularly, avoid foods that require yanking or biting into, like corn on the cob and sugarcane, as they can disorient the teeth alignment and strength.


Brushing is Not Optional


While braces can turn brushing into a hellish endeavor, you need to always keep your teeth sparkling clean when they are on to ensure effectiveness of the treatment. As a preparatory measure, buy an on-the-go dental cleaning pack that includes a toothpaste and gum-safe toothpick that you will always carry to keep your teeth clean anywhere, any time.


It’s a Short-Term Commitment


Having braces on means you have to see your orthodontist every couple of weeks. You therefore need to fit that into your schedule and lifestyle plan.


Pain is To Be Expected


When done by an experienced orthodontist, brace placement is mostly painless. However, you will probably experience some pain, just after the placement or when the brace wires are tightened. So, you might want to arm yourself with some painkillers beforehand or buy enough soft foods to last at least 4 days after the initial placement.


Document With a Selfie!


Taking before and after pics of yourself is one way of tracking your progress and celebrating any milestones. So, take a selfie or two with your teeth on display before you visit your orthodontist just for future reference purposes.


Being adequately prepared before getting your braces done helps make your experience a bit less painful, and much easier to go through. Even as you follow the above tips, make sure you get an experienced orthodontist to guarantee maximum effectiveness of treatment and nil regrets.

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