Many people mistakenly think that dental health only deals with teeth. What they do not know is that gums have the same importance as teeth.


If your child has swollen gums, they are bound to experience pain, especially when chewing food. This underlines the importance of visiting a dentist regularly.


What Causes Swollen Gums?


The primary reason behind swollen gums in children is the presence of bacteria in the mouth. The best way to fight this bacteria and prevent this condition is to floss and brush your teeth regularly.


Among kids, bacteria starts developing in the mouth as soon as they grow their first tooth. This is why it is important to maintain oral hygiene. If you are a first-time parent, make sure that you book an appointment with your dentist within the first six months of teething.


Besides poor oral hygiene, there are other reasons behind swollen gums in children. First, a poor diet can lead to dental complications such as swollen gums. The solution to this problem is giving a balanced diet to your kids.


Another thing that causes the swelling of gums is gum disease. When you fail to treat oral bacteria, it may damage your gums and jaws. The aftereffect of this is pain and swollen gums. There are two types of gum disease – gingivitis, which is mild, and periodontitis, which is severe.


Lastly, having a dry mouth can lead to swollen gums. This is because saliva prevents the development of bacteria in the mouth. When you lack it, bacteria thrive. Some of the reasons behind a dry mouth include dehydration, some drugs, and other underlying conditions.


Can You Treat Swollen Gums?


The good thing about swollen gums is that they are treatable. However, it would help if you visit the dentist so that they can assess the cause of the condition and recommend the right remedy. Usually, the extent of the swelling determines the type of treatment you get.


If you cannot take your child to the dentist when they experience swollen gums, you can make do with a homemade mouthwash. When gurgled, this mixture of salt and water can help in removing the bacteria in your mouth.


Other ways of dealing with swollen gums include using a hot compress and drinking plenty of water, particularly if you have a dry mouth.


How to Prevent Swollen Gums


Despite being treatable, swollen gums tend to recur. If you want to keep your child’s teeth healthy and painless, and also save a substantial amount of money, you have to ensure that they brush teeth at least twice daily and floss regularly.


Finally, it is vital to make routine visits to the dentist because it helps in identifying dental complications before they become severe. The recommended frequency is once every six months, although you can do it sooner. This way, you will avoid the pain and expenses that come with swollen gums.


So what are you waiting for? Book a dental appointment today!




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