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What to Expect for a Child’s Tooth Filling

Learning that your child has a tooth cavity can come as a total surprise to you as a parent. This is especially true if you've been making sure they brush and floss their teeth regularly. 

However, cavities in children are actually far more common than you may think. As a matter of fact, studies by the World Health Organization have revealed that between 60 to 90 percent of children are affected by cavities around the world. 

If you have just discovered that your child has a cavity, you’ll need to schedule a visit to the dentist to arrange for a tooth filling. It is worth noting that kids are naturally afraid of dentists. You should, therefore, strive to create a comfortable and safe environment in order to alleviate your child's fears. Here are some of the tips that can help you prepare your child for their tooth filling procedure. 

Reinforce a Positive Attitude

When preparing your child for a dental visit, it is crucial to maintain a positive attitude. This is mainly because children tend to absorb the emotions of their parents. Consequently, panicking in front of your child can make them uneasy and scared of going to the dentist. 

You should, therefore, maintain a sense of calm, and avoid using language that may paint a scary picture in your child's mind. Remember, the goal here is to make them comfortable enough so that they don't experience anxiety during the procedure.

Consult with your Dentist Beforehand

Before the procedure, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration. These include the type of sedative and filling that will be used and any aftercare instructions that may be recommended. It is, therefore, vital that you consult with the dentist to ensure your child is as comfortable as possible. 

Composite tooth fillings are typically best suited for kids since they naturally bond well with teeth. Furthermore, these types of fillings have a natural appearance, which blends well with the rest of the teeth. 

In case your child needs to be sedated for the tooth-filling procedure, there are several options that the dentist might recommend. Nitrous oxide is one of the most commonly used sedatives for dental procedures, as it produces a calming effect and allows one to relax. Your child's dentist may also recommend oral sedatives, which are just as effective.

Aftercare for Your Child 

Dental fillings are generally painless procedures, although in some cases, mild pain can be experienced. If your child complains of pain after the procedure, you can administer painkillers such as Ibuprofen to remedy the discomfort. 

Dental care is also critical after a tooth-filling. You should, therefore, ensure your child brushes their teeth two times a day to prevent cavities. This will help protect their teeth and eliminate the need for tooth filling procedures in the future.

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