In the last few years, braces have gone from being entirely worn by young kids and teenagers with highly misaligned teeth to being a universally popular solution for all forms of teeth misalignment, even among adults. Although the exact reasons for this increase in popularity and use are varied, there is no doubt that new research showing that braces have more benefits than previously thought had something to do with it. Below are some of these benefits:


Better Bites


The term bite typically describes the way the upper and lower teeth grasp foods as you chew. While their primary use is to correct misalignment, braces also enhance the strength and alignment of your bite, making it easy and comfortable for you to chew different types of foods.


Poor bites are normally caused by gaps in the mouth, either due to missing or crooked teeth, and can make the chewing experience extremely uncomfortable, as the jaws and gums have to do more than they’re used to. By realigning the crooked teeth, braces reduce pressure on the jaws, which not only strengthens the bite but also eliminates pain when chewing.


Increased Esteem


Apart from being a literal pain, crooked teeth can also be a big hit to one’s self-esteem, particularly when it comes to smiling. Often, people with such teeth will avoid talking in social settings and even sharing jokes with friends. Braces help correct most forms of poor alignment and if worn correctly, can improve one’s smile, which subsequently leads to increased confidence and willingness to smile in public.


Improved Speech


Misaligned teeth, and the consequent jaw problems, can cause some speech impediments, especially among young children, who are still learning how to speak articulately. And as it appears, braces can sort this too.


If you suffer speech impediments from crooked teeth and make it known to your orthodontist. They will most likely widen your palate (the “roof” of the mouth) using an expander before placing the braces. As the corrections take root, your speech will gradually improve alongside both the palates and teeth alignment. Additionally, the braces will improve your breathing, especially at night (hence reducing snoring), and reduce any ear and sinus problems you may have developed from the previously poor jaw alignment.


Better Hygiene


Crooked and crowded teeth are relatively hard to clean as some parts may not be fully accessible by toothbrush bristles or dental floss. Such teeth can easily develop conditions like cavities and gum disease in the long term, which, coupled with the misalignment, could be a double tragedy.


So, apart from making teeth easier to clean by straightening them, braces also help improve your oral care habits as they collect a lot of food particles, which typically means you have to brush multiple times a day. Additionally, you have to be extra careful when brushing braced teeth to avoid injury or misaligning the braces. The more you do that, the better your oral hygiene habits become in the long run.


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