If you are a parent, then you are invested in your children’s health. Your kids are going to cultivate the habits that you help them learn, so it’s very important to give them attention and guidance.


For oral health, it’s necessary for adults to be hands on with teaching their kids the required information about how to properly brush and floss and how to prevent cavities. It is key to instruct them on everything when it comes to dental health.


Today we’re talking about how adults can teach kids about oral health as well as when the best times to brush are. Consistent and proper care is the key to good oral health, after all.


When Is the Best Time for Kids to Brush?


The American Dental Association says that adults and children should be brushing their teeth on a twice-daily basis in an attempt to get rid of bacteria and plaque. The best times to brush are the morning and the evening for adults and kids. Following a morning and then evening brushing routine will be the most effective way to get acids and sugars out of the mouth that would be attacking the enamel and causing tooth decay.


When it comes to the morning, brush your teeth after breakfast. When it comes to night time, brush before going to bed. If you can brush at these times and make sure that your child or children keep this schedule as well, then your brushing schedule is already where it needs to be. Account for form to be sure that your kids are getting effective results (enough toothpaste, brushing properly or long enough, changing quadrants).


Teaching Brushing Habits to Kids


As a parent, you’ve got to teach your kids when and how to brush their teeth. It’s important to get a schedule down and a routine, but also to be sure that they’re brushing and flossing the way that they should be. Teach them that any shortcuts or skipping of their routine will be to their detriment as they are the ones that are promoting or hurting their health.


Do your brushing and flossing together so you can keep an eye on what they are doing and it is a fun, normal family routine. It’s not something that they just have to do, it’s something that you all choose to do in order to stay healthy and maintain dental and gum health!


Promoting Brushing Success


Kids can pick up the routine and how to brush and floss pretty quickly. Make sure that you are giving them new brushes and replacing the old ones, picking the right type of brush and bristle, and picking out a toothpaste with them so you know that they will use it.


Check in daily and make sure that they’ve done their morning and night routine. You’re helping them be aware that these are important habits that they need to maintain for life!


Choosing Kids’ Dental Health


If you are in the Corona area, you can always contact iSmiles Kids Dentistry and Orthodontics to find out more about tips from pediatric dentists that are knowledgeable on the topic and can provide the best advice and guidance on the topic of dental care for children.

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