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Reasons Why Your Kid's Permanent Teeth Aren't Coming In


Parents are happy when their child is growing the healthy way. This includes the transition of losing baby teeth and the coming in of permanent teeth. Permanent teeth usually come in after a certain period. However, for some children, there are cases of the teeth taking longer to appear. This can leave you nervous as a parent. When this happens, there is no cause for alarm as it is normal. Instead, visit your family dentist to examine your child’s jaws. There are several reasons why the process takes longer. Here is a look at some possible causes.


Your child’s diet directly affects the speed of growth of permanent teeth. Nutrients like calcium found in milk, vegetables, and other meals that determine teeth development should be included in their food to help teeth push their way through gums. Also, avoid giving them foods high in sugar, like candy, which slows the growth of permanent teeth.


It is common for children to have physical growth similar to that of their parents due to genetics. Coming in of teeth is no exception. If your child is taking longer to have permanent teeth, chances are that you also experienced the same delay. You can ask your relatives if this is the case. Also, if your child’s milk teeth took longer to come out, permanent teeth may also take longer.


Parents often compare their child’s growth to that of others. However, for most children, teeth development depends on their sex. Studies show that girls tend to develop milk teeth faster than boys. This means that their permanent teeth will come in earlier than those of their counterparts.

Start The Year Right With a Dental Checkup

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It's a new year, and this is the best time to make fresh resolutions. Apart from the usual culprits like better eating habits and starting to workout, taking a dental checkup should not just be at the zenith of your list, but you should act on it. Shake off the dentophobia that has hindered you from getting a clean bill of dental health. 

Currently, various technological innovations have led to the development of better dental equipment, making the process more friendly. Today, you can have several teeth removed within a few hours without feeling any pain. You don't have to be afraid of dental checkups anymore; make an appointment and have your dental problems mitigated before they blow up.

In case you are still on the fence, here are some pointers to get you started on your dental journey:

Identify Your Problems

You may have had a toothache or some of your teeth felt loose. Try to remember where the pain emanated from and the location of the loose teeth before making a dental appointment. Don't disregard any problem, however insignificant it may seem. Also, ensure you disclose all your problems when you get to the dentist so as to have the maximum gain from the appointment.

Book An Appointment

Now that you’ve drawn up a list of your dental problems, you can make a dental appointment. Ensure you honor your appointment when the time comes. The benefits you'll accrue from it will be worth your time. Even if it happens that your troubles were not dental related, you'll gain valuable information on how to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

4 Reasons to Keep Your Kid's Teeth Healthy

Sticking to a regular brushing routine can be quite challenging when your child starts teething. This is largely due to the fact that their teeth are too few and also because your toddler might jerk around during brushing. Nevertheless, many dentists recommend that parents instill healthy brushing habits in their kids as soon as they get their first teeth. Keeping your child’s teeth healthy and strong from an early age sets a firm foundation for a healthy and happier life. There are a number of benefits that you and your child can enjoy by keeping their teeth clean and healthy.  Let us now briefly go over a few of these.

Provides a Foundation for Good Oral Hygiene Practices into Adulthood

As we mentioned at the outset, any good dentist will recommend that you start brushing your kid’s mouth as soon as they start teething. The reason for this is that breast milk and formula (which are what your toddler consumers in their early years) contain lactose sugars just like other ordinary foods. While these sugars are not too concentrated, they can still promote the growth and reproduction of bacteria, which can lead to gum problems if left to accumulate. It is therefore vital that you always wipe your baby’s gums with a soft and warm piece of cloth to get rid of food particles. 

Once the milk teeth emerge, you can start brushing your kid’s teeth at least twice a day, and you should teach them how to do it the right way. If these healthy oral hygiene habits are inculcated early, your child will continue doing them as they grow older.