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iSmiles Irvine Orthodontics: We Make Ugly Christmas Sweaters Look Good!

Irvine Orthodontics Braces Corona Ugly Christmas Sweaters iSmiles Professional Service Treatment

We can't help it. Ugly sweaters have nothing on Dr Brandon and his top-notch, orthodontics team in Irvine! Whether we're adjusting your braces, fitting you for retainers, or making your first mold for treatment, we always look good! We always feel good, too, which makes our patients feel that much better. We like to have fun in the office but we always make sure we get the job done and that all of our patients walk out with a big smile on their faces.

Our Irvine Office Can Can-Can! Happy Halloween!

Irvine Orthodontics iSmiles Braces Happy Halloween Can-Can Dance Candy

Our office has fun and it shows! Day in and day out, our orthodontic team has a blast doing what we do. And when it comes to our favorite holiday, we love it even more so! Every year, we have a theme for our costumes. This year, we decided to be all the things that are bad for your braces! Diet Coke, apple, M&Ms, Jolly Rancher, Sugar Daddy, Candy Corn, and Tootsie Roll. We couldn't do the Tootsie Roll, so we decided to can-can instead. Happy halloween, everybody! Be safe and have fun out there!