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Preventing Children From Having Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth can affect children's appearance and oral health. Teeth that are not straight can affect speech, make it difficult to brush and floss, and increase the risk of developing problems with their oral health (gum disease, tooth decay).

When it comes to crooked teeth developing, genetics may play a part. It is important that you know what signs you should look out for, taking action if you see anything to go to the dentist. Check out these four ways to help maintain your child's teeth and gums and keep them healthy.

1. Break bad habits.

Toddlers may have a tendency to suck on their thumbs, but breaking this habit is important. Continued sucking could damage front teeth, the gums, and the roof of the mouth, particularly past the age of three. Bottle feeding and sucking pacifiers past a point are also not good for developing teeth.

Research helpful tips for any bad habits your child has, from not wanting to brush to sucking their thumb, so you can break the habit early and reduce the chance of it having a negative impact.

2. Teach them oral hygiene.

Your child needs to care for their oral hygiene. Teaching them how to care for the gums and teeth will keep them healthy now and prepare them for good habits to protect them later. When their first tooth develops, make an appointment for them at the dentist.

The dentist will look at their teeth and confirm that it's all going well or voice concerns. They can also give tips on age appropriate oral hygiene practices and what you should be doing at home. Brush with your kids and make it a fun event. Make sure they know to brush in the morning for two minutes and again at night and be there too! Play music or get them electric brushes to make it more enjoyable.

3. Respond to tooth loss.

If your child loses their tooth, make a dental appointment straight away. It could affect the teeth around it. Without support, they may shift and cause crooked teeth. Prevent the chances of this happening by making sure you practice good habits for hygiene with your child and brush regularly. Protect teeth with a mouth guard during sports. Whether decay or accident, a missing tooth means your child should be seen by a dentist immediately!

4. Go to the dentist regularly.

Making sure that your child has regular appointments at the dentist's office means that a dentist will be able to check out the development of their teeth and confirm it's all going properly.

Oral health care needs to be part of the life of your child at all points so they can stop a problem developing and make sure that their health is going the way it should. This can also point them towards orthodontic treatments that keep teeth and jaws aligned. It reduces the chances of needing major treatment when older or having dental anxiety and helps institute a lifetime of oral care.

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