Invisalign is the brand name of clear aligners, which enable you to straighten your teeth without the bulkiness, discomfort, and cosmetic concerns of traditional braces.


The clear aligners are placed over the teeth, putting pressure on them and gradually moving them back into alignment. Typically, a person will have several aligners made for them during the treatment as their teeth shift. Invisalign can be used by kids, teens, and adults alike.


They’re almost impossible to notice, even when smiling. But since they’re almost invisible and so easy to use, some may wonder if they actually work.


Do they sound too good to be true? Below, we asked Dr. Brandon Hoang, our specialist at iSmiles Kids Dentistry and Orthodontics, in Corona, California, to explain the effectiveness of Invisalign compared to traditional braces.


Invisalign effectiveness and uses


Invisalign clear aligners may appear to be gentler with your teeth, but they can shift teeth back into proper alignment faster than traditional braces. In addition, they cause less discomfort and pain when moving teeth.


Clear aligners also decrease the chances of getting cavities during the treatment. You can take them off before you eat or brush.


Overall, Invisalign braces are neither more effective nor less effective than traditional braces. Rather, each option can be useful for specific situations. Straightforward cases can be fixed faster and with less discomfort with Invisalign. However, in cases where several extractions are needed, traditional braces may be a better fit.


What to expect from Invisalign treatments


The clear aligners are created based on a 3D image of your child’s mouth and teeth, and during the treatment, you can expect your child to go through several clear aligners. Your child’s teeth may feel loose at times, but this is a normal part of the treatment, as their teeth are shifting into their proper positions.


Your child should wear these clear aligners for at least 20 hours per day. The average length for an Invisalign treatment is anywhere between a year and a half and two years.


Finding out if your child is a good fit for Invisalign


Invisalign is beneficial for the self-esteem of kids, but it also makes it easier for kids to avoid plaque buildup and cavities during their orthodontic treatment. Your child can remove them before they eat or brush their teeth, which makes it much easier for them to keep their teeth clean.


Contact us to schedule an appointment and determine if your child is a good fit for Invisalign.

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