Invisalign straightens your teeth without wires or braces, using a series of customized, computer-designed, clear sleeves called aligners. The aligners are almost invisible and they can be easily removed for eating and brushing your teeth. Convenient, comfortable and invisible means most adults and teens today prefer Invisalign. Get straight teeth without anyone even knowing you are in orthodontic treatment.

The first step is a complementary consultation with Dr. Brandon to determine that you are a candidate for Invisalign and to compare to other treatment modalities such as invisible braces. At this visit, fee and payment plan information is also provided. Dr. Brandon treats a broad range of orthodontic problems with Invisalign, including severe spacing and crowding. With over 10 years of experience with the Invisalign system, Dr. Brandon can treat most cases with Invisalign. Even within the past year, there have been substantial advances in the Invisalign technology. So if you have been told you are not a good candidate for Invisalign, you may want to consider getting another opinion. Many others are glad they did!

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When you wish to start, we take a few minutes to scan your teeth.  This will allow the Invisalign technician to use this data to create a 3D computer model of your treatment. Thus, there is no need for using any goop that can cause patients to gag. The Invisalign technicians use this data to create a 3D computer model of your treatment. Dr. Brandon reviews and modifies the plan on the doctors’ section of the secured Invisalign website so your treatment is performed virtually before your actual treatment starts. Once Dr. Brandon accepts the plan, a series of aligners are fabricated using highly refined computer-assisted manufacturing.

When your aligners arrive, we will call you to schedule delivery. The aligners are individually packaged and numbered. Typically we give patients a few months supply of aligners. Patients are requested to wear aligners all the time, just taking them out to eat and brush. Each set of aligners is worn for two weeks. The average treatment time is less than a year. So an average number of aligners would be about 20. Of course, treatment time and number of aligners varies according to the severity of the orthodontic problem. At the end of treatment a few more aligners may be ordered. This is the refinement stage and it is included in your treatment program.

Also included is a set of retainers.  There are usually worn full time for 6 months and then nighttime for a lifetime.  During the retainer phase, the retainers are checked periodically to ensure no changes have occurred.  Throughout life teeth can shift so we guide our patients to carefully monitor that their retainers fit long term.