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Common Problems With Metal Braces

The American Association of Orthodontists estimates that more than 4 million Americans wear braces. Despite being around in various forms for more than a century, braces are still very popular, even with the introduction of modern teeth alignment technologies like Invisalign.

Nonetheless, not everyone who wears braces has a happy experience. Some people experience varying levels of discomfort in their mouth, which may be exacerbated when the braces loosen or break. And while most of the said issues are easily managed at home, others may need advanced medical assistance.

Below are 5 of the most common problems associated with wearing braces and how to deal with them:


This commonly occurs in the first several days of getting the braces. It can be easily relieved at home by holding a piece of ice covered with a cloth against your cheeks for several intervals of 5-10 minutes. Another common remedy is rinsing your mouth with salty water. You can also seek over-the-counter pain medication.


Braces make it hard to fully get rid of stuck food bits from your mouth. Where the said food is acidic or has staining properties, the bits may end up discoloring the areas they stick to. Further, it is also quite common to find stain patches on the teeth under treatment after removing the braces. In both cases, the stains can only be removed by a teeth whitening procedure.

Loose Brackets

You may notice that the brackets keep loosening whenever you bite something hard. Some even get broken, with very painful consequences. As you wait for the brackets to be fixed, you can ease the pain by applying dental wax. 

Broken Wires 

Depending on how sturdy your braces area (and of course, your diet), the wires in your braces can randomly break away from others and cause unimaginable pain. This is actually very common with children, many of whom can't keep their hands off their braces. 

If only one or two wires are out of place, you can push them back using tweezers. If the damage is much bigger than that, you should take the braces back to your dentist for advice. 

Considering the damage that broken wires can cause on children's teeth and gums, it is strongly recommended to visit a kid's orthodontist if you note damages to their braces for both a dental checkup and brace repair. 

Bad Breath

Braces make it hard to effectively brush your teeth and as mentioned above, it's common for tiny food bits to stick (and remain) in the brackets. Consequently, you experience bouts of bad breath, which can be quite embarrassing. To prevent this, avoid foods with strong odors and take your time while brushing. If you sense that you have bad breath, chew a piece or two of flavored gum when going out.


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