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iSmiles Irvine Orthodontics: We Make Ugly Christmas Sweaters Look Good!

Irvine Orthodontics Braces Corona Ugly Christmas Sweaters iSmiles Professional Service Treatment

We can't help it. Ugly sweaters have nothing on Dr Brandon and his top-notch, orthodontics team in Irvine! Whether we're adjusting your braces, fitting you for retainers, or making your first mold for treatment, we always look good! We always feel good, too, which makes our patients feel that much better. We like to have fun in the office but we always make sure we get the job done and that all of our patients walk out with a big smile on their faces.

Is Halloween Already Over? We Miss It!

Irvine Orthodontics Braces iSmiles Miss Halloween Things Don't Eat When Having Braces

We can't believe Halloween has come and gone already. We all in the Irvine office miss it because we get to dress up and act silly. Wait. We do that everyday already. In case you couldn't guess the theme of our Halloween costumes this year, we're all dressed as items you should not be consuming when you have braces: diet Coke, apple, jolly rancher, sugar daddy, M & Ms, tootsie roll, and candy corn. We can't wait to come up with our theme for next year! Maybe, we'll just dress up once a month in the office just for the fun of it.

Another Operation Gratitude Donation! 13 lbs of Candy Donated in Our Irvine Office!

Irvine Orthodontics Braces Operation Gratitude Candy Donation iSmiles

The Ho family decided to come by our Irvine Orthodontic office and drop off their 13 lbs of candy they picked up from Halloween and donate it all to the troops overseas! Operation Gratitude is well under way at iSmiles! We love it when all of our awesome patients get involved with our charitable endeavors! We're sure the troops overseas will immensely enjoy all of this candy these kids collected during Halloween for them. And for that, we graciously recognize the Ho family for their contribution. Keep up the good work!

Our First Candy Donation to the Troops!

Operation Gratitude US Military Troops Candy Donation Irvine Braces Orthodontics iSmiles

iSmiles Orthodontics is proud to partake in Operation Gratitude where dentists nationwide are teaming up to "buy back" candy from children to be sent to US military troops overseas. Roland Holmdahl brought in 10 lbs of candy into our Irvine office and earned himself $10! Way to go Roland! Our troops overseas will surely be thankful of your donation to them. Keep up the good work!

Our Irvine Office Can Can-Can! Happy Halloween!

Irvine Orthodontics iSmiles Braces Happy Halloween Can-Can Dance Candy

Our office has fun and it shows! Day in and day out, our orthodontic team has a blast doing what we do. And when it comes to our favorite holiday, we love it even more so! Every year, we have a theme for our costumes. This year, we decided to be all the things that are bad for your braces! Diet Coke, apple, M&Ms, Jolly Rancher, Sugar Daddy, Candy Corn, and Tootsie Roll. We couldn't do the Tootsie Roll, so we decided to can-can instead. Happy halloween, everybody! Be safe and have fun out there!

Never Too Late for Braces

Irvine Braces Orthodontics Halloween Decorations Skull Smiling Costumes iSmiles

Our Irvine orthodontic team would just like to remind everyone that it's never too late to get braces. Haha, just kidding. We love halloween so much, even our decorations have braces! Swing on by our office this Thursday when our whole office will be fully decked out in our halloween costumes. What will be this year's theme? Can you guess?

Our Irvine Team is Always Happy at Work!

Irvine Orthodontics Braces Team Happy Work Smiles All Around Love What We Do

Whenever you visit the Irvine team, you'll be greeted with the utmost professional care and a big smile! We want to make sure you're comfortable and happy getting your orthodontics treatment from us every time you come to visit. We also like to have fun, so if you're feeling down, come on by and visit! We'll be sure to make your day a little brighter. We love what we do and it shows!

Free Prize With Every Orthodontic Referral!

Irvine Braces Orthodontics Referral Program Free Gift Card iPad iSmiles

We're always giving away prizes but we especially love giving away ones for referrals! With your first referral, you get a $100 gift card or an iPod Shuffle. On your second and third referrals, you get a $200 gift card or an iPod Nano. Fourth and fifth referrals get an iPod touch. Once you refer 6 or more orthodontic patients, you get an iPad or an iPad Mini for each referral after that. If that isn't the best incentive referral program in the Irvine area, we don't know is! So start referring everyone you know! Bring them in for a free consultation.

Woodbridge Warrior Football Thank You Letter

Woodbridge High School Football Team Irvine Thank You Letter iSmiles Orthodontics Sponsorship

We love receiving thank you letters from all of the organizations we sponsor, especially local ones in Irvine, like this recent letter from the Woodbridge High School Warrior Football team. We love it when they come visit and we love supporting them! Go Warriors!

How Much Does Our Pumpkin Weigh? Win Movie Tickets!

Irvine Orthodontics Braces Halloween Contest Guess Pumpkin Weight Fun Office

Here we go! Our current Irvine office Halloween contest is Guess the Weight of Our Pumpkin! Whoever gets it right, or the closest, wins a free pair of movie tickets! You must come into the office to enter. You may not pick up the pumpkin. You can fill out our little contest entry forms located right next to the big pumpkin. Even if you don't have an appointment, just come on in and fill out a contest form. The more, the merrier! Good luck everyone!

We're Ready for Halloween!

iSmiles Orthodontics Braces Irvine Office Ready for Halloween

This is our first official blog entry and it is only fitting that we do it during our favorite holiday of the year: Halloween! Why is it our favorite? Because it's a very orange holiday and orange is our company color. Oh, and because we love to dress up, too! And we love candy and chocolates. It really is an underrated holiday. We just recently decorated our orthodontic office in all of our Halloween decorations and soon, our team will be coming to work in their costumes, too! Get ready for all the impending Halloween posts!