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About Us

Irvine Orthodontics Braces Corona iSmilesOrthodontics is about creating that perfect smile. iSmiles Orthodontics is about giving you the best experience possible while creating that perfect smile. We really enjoy building strong relationships and friendships with our patients, families, and dental colleagues. We take pride in having our level of care match our level of caring. We believe that the best orthodontic office is the one having the most fun. Live life smiling at iSmiles.

Dr. Brandon says, “I make smiles more beautiful. Though there is no such thing as an ugly smile, there are some that we can certainly improve or make perfect. I believe in treating patients like family members visiting my home, always feeling safe and welcome. I enjoy helping them through the technical aspects of braces while having some fun. I am a firm believer that the best orthodontist is the orthodontist having the most fun." Read more about Dr Brandon

Treat each patient like they are family: Our staff and doctor may not be related, but spending so much time together they feel like family! The team is bonded together through their goal of producing great end results and happy smiles for their patients. By the end of the patient's treatment they too have become part of the orthodontic family at iSmiles!

Always find a reason to celebrate: While having a straight smile is something wonderful to look forward to, it takes dedication and time by all involved. That is why at iSmiles we want to make the process fun! A combination of small triumphs in the end produce the confidence that all had in mind.

Finishing treatment on time or ahead of schedule: iSmiles is dedicated to staying on track and keeping an organized, motivated, and highly skilled team, thus it is our goal to always finish treatment on time or even ahead of schedule!

Irvine Corona Orthodontics Braces iSmilesHonor your time: Visiting the Orthodontist is great and all, but we know it's just usually one thing on a list of errands or in between school, sports, extracurricular activities, and family fun. Knowing this it is our goal to keep your appointments scheduled effectively and your time at our office efficient.

Providing service with a smile: Everyone always wonders why iSmiles staff is's because they love what they do!

Answering all questions thoroughly: The process of deciding what orthodontic treatment is best for you or your child may seem overwhelming. However, knowing this we take the time and have the patience to answer any and all of your questions, including that about the treatment itself, cost, payment options, and timeline.

Using advanced digital technology: With the latest in orthodontic technology, iSmiles provides you with the optimum treatment solutions, with accuracy and efficiency.

Giving back to the community: We love being in Orange County and supporting our Irvine schools right down the street from our office! We do what we do so we can give back to the community not only with straight confident smiles, but also because we love where we live.