Do you find it hard to convince your child to brush on a regular basis, or are you already noticing some signs of decay? Perhaps it’s their diet that needs some tweaking.


Although teaching your child better habits is key to maintaining a healthy smile, there’s one simple dentistry treatment that can prevent tooth damage right away: dental sealants.


Dental sealants are thin, protective coatings made from resins or glass ionomers, and they protect areas of the teeth that are prone to damage. These protective coatings prevent the dental tissue from coming in contact with the harmful bacteria that attack teeth.


If you’re worried about your child’s smile and want to prevent fillings and several expensive trips to the dentist’s office, dental sealants are your best bet. Below, we asked our experts at iSmiles Kids Dentistry and Orthodontics in Corona, California, to explain why that might be the case.


1. Prevent cavities


Dental sealants behave as a barrier between your baby’s tooth and the bacteria in your baby’s mouth. Nothing can get through this barrier, ensuring complete protection against decay in the sealed area.


2. Prevent early tooth loss


You may not pay much attention to baby teeth, as they’ll be replaced anyway, but you should. Losing a tooth too early can cause the surrounding teeth to shift, interfering with the eruption of the permanent tooth. This can lead to crooked teeth.


3. Make hygiene less complicated


Baby teeth have depressions and grooves that are deeper than those of permanent teeth. This makes it easier for food debris to sneak in and harder for you to brush it off. Dental sealants are often placed on teeth that are at risk of accumulating bacteria.


4. Easy to apply


Our experts have extensive experience working with children, so they understand that some kids may be more anxious than others in the dental office.


Fortunately, applying dental sealants doesn’t require any loud drilling that may scare your child. It’s easy and painless, and it doesn’t take much time to apply.


5. Last for a long time


Sealants can last up to nine years when they’re well taken care of, and they can save you thousands of dollars in fillings and other expensive treatments.


Why sealants are a good idea for protecting baby teeth


Dental sealants are a safe and widely-used preventive method for both kids and teenagers. In fact, nearly half of children aged six to 12 have sealants.


If you’re looking to save the time and money you’d otherwise spend to keep your child’s teeth healthy until their permanent teeth make an appearance, contact us to schedule an appointment. Our specialists have extensive experience using sealants and are happy to explain the details of the treatment.

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