A lot of people delay seeing the dentist, which is a shame because if caught early, dental problems are by far less complicated to treat. However, it is also understandable why some people may be afraid. Anxiety related to having dental procedures is very common. However, there’s also a solution: sedation dentistry.


Depending on the types of procedure you have scheduled, you can opt for a range between mild sedation and intravenous sedation. All types of sedation are safe and administered by an expert.


If you or your child suffer from dental anxiety, our experts at iSmiles Kids Dentistry and Orthodontics in Corona, California, share five reasons to consider sedation dentistry.


1. You won’t notice the passing of time


Sometimes treatments take a long time, and no matter how friendly the dentist is, it can get a little bit dull to sit in the chair for prolonged periods of time. Sedation helps you lose track of time and relax. In addition, with sedation, you save time because sometimes several treatments can be done in one trip if the patient is relaxed.


2. Eliminates your gag reflex


A gag reflex can make dental appointments quite uncomfortable. Fortunately, even small amounts of sedation can minimize it.


3. Reduces gum sensitivity and pain


If you have sensitive gums, particularly if you have gingivitis, you may experience pain even if the dental treatments aren’t painful for other patients. Sedation can be helpful as it reduces all forms of pain and discomfort.


4. Makes it easier for people who can’t be still


Some people find it stressful to be still for prolonged periods of time. Fortunately, sedation induces a state of deep relaxation, which eliminates the problem of involuntary movements.


5. Eliminates dental anxiety


Dental anxiety is real, and in severe forms, it can prevent people from getting the dental care they need. With mild sedation, our experts can induce a state of relaxation and slight euphoria. If your anxiety is severe, intravenous sedation is also an option.


Understanding the different types of sedation


You may be wondering, what does sedation dentistry feel like? How should I prepare?


If the sedation is mild, for example, with nitrous oxide, you’ll simply feel happy and sleepy throughout the treatment, and you won’t need anyone to drive you home. If the procedures include extractions, you may need oral sedation, which is a little bit more powerful, but you will still be able to walk away on your own feet from the dental office.


Intravenous sedation is another option for patients with severe dental anxiety. Our expert team puts you completely to sleep for your procedure, so you won’t feel a thing. You’ll need to have someone drive you home after your appointment.


If you need dental work but feel anxious about it, we can help. Contact us to schedule an appointment to find out more about sedation dentistry.

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